GLASS GRADUATES OF 2020- Part of our CGS ‘Lockdown’ Series 4/6

“GLASS GRADUATES OF 2020” Part of our CGS ‘Lockdown’ Series 4/6

Glass Graduates 2020 have so much to show in their CGS online exhibition!

Every year the Contemporary Glass Society produces a Graduate Review for glass artists graduating that year. There are also prizes for excellence given alongside the Review. The Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) is the UK’s foremost organisation for supporting established artists, and up-and-coming makers. It was established in 1997 to represent the interests of glassmakers within the national and international community, and to promote contemporary glass in the wider art world.

Sadly this year because of the corona virus pandemic, the world has shattered for graduates. Their educational establishments have been shut prematurely; they have not been able to access workshops and studios to complete their final pieces of work or to even remove their work. Consequently their degree marks have been based on their ‘concepts’ rather than the work itself and their end of year Graduate Shows have not taken place.

Because of this, CGS has been unable to produce the 2020 Graduate Review.

However, we couldn’t leave students who were graduating in the lurch so we have launched Glass Graduates of 2020 (the Lockdown Exhibition.)

This is our first Graduate Show and we are excited to share graduates’ work with the public and glass making community. Despite the restrictions placed upon them, graduates have produced a dazzling and wide ranging demonstration of their ability and creative approach to contemporary glass.

Although we are not producing a Graduate Review this year, 2020 students will be invited to join students from 2021 in a combined production next year. Glass artists are always creative in making the best of the worst!

This show is highlighted on the CGS website for the month of August 2020.


“Digital Distance”- Approaches to Digital Technology

The CGS invited member glass artists that utilize new technologies (e.g. within digital fields) within their glass work, to take part in an international online glass gallery exhibition.

What do we mean by digital technology? It can include digital production technologies such as CAD (computer assisted design) & CNC manufacturing (multi-axis milling, laser cutting, 3D prototyping, computer assisted manufacture, etc.).

It can also include digital audio, imagery and video. And works that ‘sums up’ digital technology e.g. pixelation for example.

22 CGS glass artists were selected by the CGS team, to take part in this online exhibition. The resulting work is detailed and considered and interesting to read about.

As with all our exhibitions, this online show will be shown and advertised across all our Social Media platforms.

Thank you to all those that entered work.

The show was launched on 20 May 2019.


As part of our CGS Lockdown Series of Online Glass Exhibitions, we put a call out for CGS members to submit an image of something that inspires them.

This online exhibition will be a follow-up to the show that Cathryn Shilling co-curated with us 3 weeks ago. We are hoping that you will have been inspired by Cathryn’s talk (the link to her Zoom presentation can be found in a recent CGS bulletin).

Cathryn discussed:

“Inspiration. It motivates us. Directs us. Shapes us and influences us in ways we may not be consciously aware of. ”

Her show is here:

So, what inspires you as an artist? Motivates or directs your work? Is there an image that represents that?

13 CGS selected glass artists that submitted an image for consideration.

The show was launched on 23rd July 2020


An exhibition of 63 glass artists selected by the CGS

The Politics of Sameness- Bowls  (1st of the lockdown series)

In a time of uncertainty and fear surrounding Covid-19, the virus, the CGS thought it would be constructive to set up a more frequent series of exhibitions, to engage and occupy our members. For this first exhibition, we set a challenge to our glass artist members, to see how many variations of a round bowl members could imagine!

The humble bowl is a vessel, that is used in so many different ways, and is a simple iconic shape. We know however, that the creativity and artistic imagination that our CGS glass artists will put into their work- the results will be spectacular.

63 glass artists that are CGS members took part in the exhibition. The exhibition, as with all others, was juried.

There will be 1 calendar month between each ‘lockdown’ show.

This 1st on-line exhibition was launched on 29th April 2020.


Work and quality of images needs to meet our photography criteria. There is guidance HERE for photography for our other online shows.


“Reverie – Glass Art Inspired by Self-Portraiture”

A self-portrait is a impression of an artist that is drawn, painted, illustrated, or sculpted by an artist. Even though self-portraits have been made since early ages, it was during the Early Renaissance in the mid-15th century that artists can be seen to be depicting themselves as either the main subject, or as central characters in their work.
Alongside that, better and cheaper mirrors, plus the advent of the panel portrait, allowed painters, sculptors and artists to explore forms of self-portraiture.

24 CGS artists help us explore the subject, and the result is a range of strong and bold expression from our member artists.

Launched on 9th March 2020

For info please contact Nicola at

Check out details on:

The CGS Online Exhibition of Kitengela Glass, Kenya

Welcome to the CGS Online Exhibition of Kitengela Glass in Kenya.

CGS wanted to explore and share with you, the diverse and colourful world of glass that has been created by the artists at Kitengela Glass in Kenya.

Kitengela Glass, a long time neighbour to Nairobi National Park, is described as a hidden gem. Prior to entering, a myriad of sculptures, glass art, and variety of animals will welcome you along the rough and wildly entertaining road to “Nani’s” Kitengela Glass.

Kitengela Glass was founded in 1981, by Nani Croze, and provides a lively training center for over fifty artisans receiving on-going training and/or employment in various artistic disciplines. In addition to helping individuals make a living through their artistic abilities, Nani is committed to maintaining the natural landscape by planting trees, promoting renewable energy sources, and limiting waste.
Additionally, Nani and her husband Eric are strong supporters of access to education for all individuals. This involves funding and promoting grant programs for children’s school fees, as well as providing space and guidance for adults in need of literacy training.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition. If you would like to support or contribute towards Kitengela’s educations efforts, please contact Nani at and

Thank you to Nani and her team for sharing their work and information with us!

The Team includes:

Philipo Omuyoma – stained glass
Diamas Wanjonyi – stained glass
Veronica Wanza – stained glass
Nelly Ondongo – stained glass
Peninah Mbori – stained glass
Serah Wairimu – beads
Jane Maina is Goodness – beads
Jackson Muhanji – glass blower
John Gichuhi – glass blower
Josphat Kiniaru – painter, engraving, stained glass
Edwin Wafula dalle de verre
Katambo Ngila – dalle de verre
Charles Ndaka – metal work

For any enquiries about commissioning work, or the online show, please contact Nani above or email


“Only One Word Rhymes with Orange!”

Once in a while, we like to have a gallery exhibition theme that reflects the seasons, or the time of year. Now the autumnal colours are appearing, we will be launching an online glass exhibition that heralds colours or oranges and umbers.

80 selected glass artists show off a piece of work that is stunning, vibrant, muted, or faded, but one in which the colour ORANGE sings!

We also invited 2 very special international glass artists to headline this show, and we are very proud to be able to share their work with you. It is a honour to have them exhibit work in this CGS online exhibition.

Demetra Theofanous is the President of Glass Alliance of Northern California, and along with Dean Bensen they create stunning work that seemlessly fits with this show. You can see more of their work at: and

To buy any of their work, contact: and

As with all our shows, this is a juried exhibition. Thank you to all those that submitted work.

This online exhibition was launched on 8 Dec 2019.


All these wonderful pieces are for sale!

They formed the CGS Celestial Bodies Exhibition that ran alongside the IFOG in Stourbridge recently.

To buy any work or any of the pieces in this gallery, please contact Pam Reekie at

We will be adding new images over the next 24 hours!

Launched Sep-Oct 2019


This gallery show highlights some of our member’s that work in Mosaic.

It was launched on 12th Aug 2019


The CGS February Open 2019

This wonderfully varied online Contemporary Glass Exhibition culminated after a call for artists to take part in an open show.

There was no specific theme for this exhibition………however, we asked that the images selected, exhibited a high quality of work, and a successful level of photography, following the CGS photography guidelines.

45 CGS glass artists were eventually selected, from a large number of entries.

It was launched on 8th March 2019.

Any questions relating to the website or the gallery please email

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