“A for Affordable 2” – Open to all members

“A” Is For Affordable”- Call for Artists for next Online Exhibition

Don’t look now but Christmas is on the way! After last year’s successful “A is for Affordable” online exhibition we are returning with “A is for Affordable Part 2”. This is your opportunity to offer your beautiful glass at affordable prices so people can not only admire it but are also able to purchase a piece of gorgeousness to either keep for themselves or to give as a gift.

This is a Selling Show at accessible prices with all work priced from £50 to £500. All work is purchased directly from you and CGS just ask for a small donation from any sale that you make. So bring out your work that has that special Christmas something that will appeal to like-minded potential creative purchasers.

The show will run from 13th November to 6th January 2022

Deadline Monday 8st November

“Graduates Work the Next Generation”-an online glass exhibition curated by The Contemporary Glass Society

“Graduates Work the Next Generation”- an online glass exhibition curated by The Contemporary Glass Society

This exhibition aims to show the ingenuity and breadth of work from the next generation of makers. Due to Covid 19 and the disruption of course work last year, all students graduating from a British & Irish accredited course in 2020 and 2021 were be eligible to enter this show.

27 extraordinary glass graduates boast an eclectic array of glass art that has never been shown like this before!

CGS are extremely proud to be exhibiting both these glass graduates and their work in this format for the first time.

11th October – 20th November 2021, then permanently in the CGS online gallery.

“Animal Magic”

Who hasn’t got a favourite animal – whether in the sea, on land or in the air? It may be a domesticated one such as a dog or a budgie, a farmyard one – pigs, hens, cows or sheep or one from the natural world like the ubiquitous meerkat or a lion, the wandering albatross, a humpback whale or a speedy sloth! Whichever your animal is, this is your chance to celebrate them, indulge them or raise an awareness of their fragility in the face of climate change and human exploitation. Remember the Dodo!

CGS challenged members to show or create a piece of work that elevates animals into our consciousness and raises our admiration of their extraordinary skills, lovable natures and sheer beauty in this online selling exhibition. In other words, their animal magic!

If you would like to purchase work, please contact the artist directly. Thank you.


This online selling exhibition was launched was on 1st Sept 2021

Please email info@cgs.org.uk if you have any questions.

JOIN TODAY and start working on an image for the next show at: https://www.cgs.org.uk/join-today/



Summer Sunshine

Get out your Kiss Me Quick hat, don the sunglasses and enjoy the Summer! Our next online exhibition celebrates Summer sunshine and all that that means – glorious landscapes, extraordinary beaches, beautiful flowers, exquisite animals, reflections, shadows and everything in-between. Show us what Summer means to you and how it affects you both physically and mentally.

40 CGS glass artists take part.

To BUY work, please contact the artist directly.

Launched  on 26th July 2021

“Old Work/ New Perspective”

This online glass exhibition was a chance for CGS member glass artists and designers to rediscover and display older work.

Nearly 50 CGS members took part in this show highlighting the diversity of talent and skill across our glass community.

(All work to be at least two years old.)

The show was launched on 12th June 2021 and on our CGS Homepage until 21st July.


TEXTURES/How Do You Feel?

An International CGS Online Glass Exhibition hosting 51 selected CGS Members.

This is a selling show, so please contact artists directly to purchase work or make an enquiry.

“Texture can defined as the tactile quality of an object’s surface. Within art, it can appeal to our sense of touch, which can evoke an emotional response. Texture is the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface. Just like 3D forms, texture can be implied or real. Texture can be created through tactile possibilities: cutting, building, tearing or layering of materials, for example.”

This was a CGS juried show, and was launched on 8th May 2021



FLORA- A CGS selling exhibition inspired by artist Cathryn Shilling

We asked renowned glass artist Cathryn Shilling if she would provide the theme for our next inspiring opportunity for members to show and sell their work.

59 CGS Members show their work in this online selling exhibition, which was launched on 3rd April 2021. All work is for sale! Please contact the artists directly.

Cathryn says: “I have spent a significant amount of time this winter gazing out of my kitchen window into my garden and reflecting on the year that was. So, I would like to challenge CGS members to participate in a new online selling exhibition inspired by the incredible diversity of ‘Flora’.”


If you have any questions about the exhibition, please email us info@cgs.org.uk or if you’d like to join in with our shows you can JOIN here: https://www.cgs.org.uk/join-today/


“A POSTCARD FROM…..”A show inspired by Alan J Poole



A show inspired by Alan J Poole and a CGS selling online exhibition

27th February – 31st March 2021 www.cgs.org.uk

Through these difficult times, our minds sometimes wander to happy days, holidays and gatherings or just places we love to visit. So here we are – back in lockdown and this is an opportunity to take your minds off to distant shores and view inspired postcard size work by CGS members.

Alan J Poole invited our 950 members to make a small piece of work with a view or reference to somewhere that means something to them.

Take a look and enjoy fun pieces to lift your spirits..

58 CGS Members decided to take part in the exhibition which was launched on 27th February 2021.

All pieces of work are for sale at £50, £100 or £150. Please contact the artists direct to buy work.





International Open Exhibition: “HANDS ACROSS THE WORLD”

11th January to 26th February 2021

During the global pandemic, the Contemporary Glass Society has pursued a programme of connecting with and supporting our members through these dark and troubling times. So, our close community of artists wanted to extend hands across the world to invite International glass artists not only from the UK but also internationally who are not members of CGS to take part in a selected online exhibition.

There was no set theme for this show- the CGS wanted international glass artists to introduce themselves to members, collectors and the general public who visit our amazing new website www.cgs.org.uk.

24 International Glass Artists were selected, representing 17 different countries- a truly cross-cultural and extravagant offering of talent from across the globe!

Selected works will also be highlighted on all CGS social media sites.

The Contemporary Glass Society (C.G.S.) is widely regarded as the foremost organisation in the UK for promoting and encouraging cutting edge glass and glass-makers within the wider art world. Website: www.cgs.org.uk


That Which Inspires Us- An exhibition co-curated with Cathryn Shilling

Inspiration. It motivates us. Directs us. Shapes us and influences us in ways we may not be consciously aware of.

Inspiration is a complex tapestry of rich, disconnected and sometimes bizarre threads, spanning a lifetime of creative experiences.

This exhibition is my ‘tapestry’. It is very personal to me and within its threads are themes and motifs which have nurtured my creativity, as well as steered my practice in ways I am not even aware.

No two tapestries are the same. They are as individual as each of us. What inspires one person, may leave another cold. They can be tranquil, or vibrant. Monochrome, or technicolour. Minimal, or lavish. Above all however, they are stories and within the narrative of those rich and intricate threads, we are able to provide others with a glimpse of That Which Inspires Us.

Launched on Tue, 26 May 2020

Cathryn Shilling FSDC