This is “Barely keeping it together” by artist Randolph Repass Jr. In our current online selling exhibition “Ordinary to Extraordinary.”

For Sale at £1500. This piece is being show in our current online selling exhibition "Ordinary to Extraordinary" in the CGS online gallery.


Artist Inspiration: "Exploring the use of found and created objects using all recycled/repurposed materials while considering the present state of our environmental crisis."


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“We are all increasingly concerned about the planet and our impact upon it. How do we live more sustainably especially as we work with a material that does little to help our carbon footprint?

This exhibition challenged glass artists worlwide to produce work using recycled glass in some form – this could be an empty wine bottle, old glass containers through to scrap glass that they would normally throw out."

We invited glass artists worldwide, to enter a CGS online selling show that responded to the above topic.

We will be sharing the 48 artists on our socials over the coming weeks to highlight their work and inspiration.


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Post date:06-04-2022



From Date:06/04/2022

To Date:21/07/2022