Sculptural Slumping Masterclass

The world around us is constantly moving but how do we show this in our glasswork? By capturing the energy and pull of gravity on warm glass in the kiln, it is possible to imbue both fused and cast objects with spontaneous, natural movement. The aim of this course is to explore ways to control the fall of glass and extend the range of shapes achievable with an interesting mix of moulds or props. We’ll also probe why movement is important to your work and look at the work of other artists using slumping to create unique and dynamic sculpture. Be ready to think upside down and out of the box!
Processes include slip cast ceramic prop construction (like store bought slumpers but your own design), hardened fibre blanket and refractory mould forms to guide shape. These techniques will be covered step-by-step and will begin to widen your options for making freeform sculptures. Essential kiln programming schedules will be provided and discussed. All materials are supplied but you’ll need to bring your own glass. This is an intermediate course but all levels will be made welcome. An accommodation list is available if you need to stay in the area. Held at my garden studio (max 4 students), we’ll eat on my patio or go to a nearby pub for lunch. Please get in touch if you have any queries. More information is on the website or email me for booking form and course details.


Post date:01-03-2022

Region:South East England

Category:Workshops/Short Courses


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