CGS at 25 Exhibition at National Glass Centre

It’s All in the Technique:  National Glass Centre/ Selected 

15th January – 13th March 2022
Deadline Monday 4th October 5pm 2021

In this show we are looking for work from artists that demonstrate the absolute best in the technique they are working in.  It will be a selected show.

Download application:CGS at NGC 2022- Its all in the Technique – application

CGS at 25 Exhibition at London Glass Blowing

Earth/Sea/ Sky: London Glassblowing, London / Selected

An exhibition of CGS members’ collaborative work Curated by Cathryn Shilling
CGS at LGB Earth Sea Sky application

Exhibition dates:                    25th June to 15th July, 2022.
Application launch:                 16th August, 2021
Deadline for applications:       25th February, 2022
Notification of acceptance:    21st March, 2022

CGS is delighted to be exhibiting once again at London Glassblowing and we would like to express our gratitude to Ann and Peter Layton for their generosity in allowing us to use their venue for our show.  CGS is also honoured that eminent glass artist, Cathryn Shilling will be curating the show.

We challenge our members to create work that is a celebration of the natural world in which we live – EARTH/SEA /SKY.  This response can take the form of:

  • Combining different glass making techniques yourself to create a new piece of glass work.
  • Collaborating with another member who uses a different glass technique to create a joint piece of work.
  • Combining different materials or found objects yourself to create a new piece of glass work. (At least 50% must be glass.)
  • Collaborating with another artist from a different discipline to create a joint piece of work in different materials. (At least 50% must be glass.)

Download application:
CGS at LGB Earth Sea Sky application FINAL 5.8.2021





The Last Gasometer Reading’s Changing Skyline

On show at the Turbine House, Riverside Museum at Blake’s Lock, Behind the Bel & Dragon, Gas Works Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 3EQ 10am to 6pm daily 10 – 26 September 2021

An exciting exhibition celebrating the ever-changing skyline of Reading and bidding a fond and final farewell to the last of our so familiar gasometers. About 25 invited artists will respond in their own styles and media to this themed show, appropriately exhibited in the Turbine House with its view down the Kennet to that last gasometer!

Next time you park your car to visit Reading Stained Glass you might not see that gasometer at the end of the road…exhibition includes work by Jane Vincent

Lava Glass Is First Carbonzero Certified Glassblowing Studio in the World!

We have some exciting news!
Taupo (Waikato): Master glass artists Lynden Over and Christine Robb are thrilled to announce that their glassblowing studio Lava Glass has achieved carbon neutral status and is the first glassblowing studio in the world to have done so! ‘I wasn’t prepared to continue as a glass artist if I couldn’t do it in a sustainable way. It has been a rewarding journey to convert the studio to carbon zero status and know that I am able to look after the planet while following my passion’, says Lynden Over. Environmental mindfulness in art is something which these two glass artists have been focusing on for the past two years. Glass has not conventionally been associated with “Environmental art”. In fact, the act of turning sand into glass takes an incredible amount of heat. A furnace containing molten glass roars 24 hours a day in a glass artist’s studio, and then a second furnace is fired up to keep the molten glass moving. However, sustainability is incredibly important to Lynden and Christine and creating beautiful everlasting objects of art with zero carbon was their new challenge. Because Lynden’s work is inspired by the rugged New Zealand landscapes, it seemed necessary to be mindful of that environment. Relentlessly Lynden and Christine have worked to reduce their carbon footprint and to sequester some of the carbon released in the making of their artworks. First, they converted their gas hungry furnace to an electric furnace and used the clean green electricity which is available in New Zealand to run it. They have also converted to electric cars. For the carbon sequestration programme, they have planted 100 ha of pine trees and 25 ha of New Zealand native trees. The native tree planting is part of an environmental benefit programme which links pathways of native bush creating wildlife corridors. Waste reduction has also been a focus and in 2021 they diverted 67% of Lava Glass waste away from landfill. Lynden’s and Christine’s efforts prove that it is absolutely possible to reduce the carbon footprint of an energy-intensive artform like glass blowing. Lava Glass has measured its carbon emissions via independent auditing by Toitū Envirocare. This year they had to offset 90.14 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). Now it is all about drastically reducing these carbon emissions. Together with Toitū Envirocare, Lava Glass developed a Greenhouse Gas emissions management plan and reduction targets for the coming years. Lynden and Christine believe in going the extra mile for sustainability and see their Toitū Carbonzero Certification (an internationally recognized assessment) as an effective way to reduce their environmental impact. They strive to be at the forefront of environmentally aware art-making in their Lava Glass studio.Lava Glass is comprised of a glass art gallery, glassblowing studio, glass sculpture garden and café. Founded in 2002 by husband and wife team, Lynden Over and Christine Robb, the complex offers unique New Zealand inspired glass art and a fascinating window into the world of glassmaking. Over the years Lynden has created an original range of collectable glassware and many award-winning works.
Contact details: Christine Robb Ph: +64 (0)7 374 8400 Email:
Address: 165 SH 5, RD4, Taupo 3384

Why CGS Membership? What will it offer me?

As a glass artist, supplier, glass gallery or collector, you might well wonder what CGS could possibly offer you, right?

Well….the answer is- A GREAT DEAL OF THINGS!

Below are just SOME of what you will enjoy as a member. We are a not for profit organisation, so ALL our membership fees go back into supporting YOU and OTHER glass artists, helping get your work in front of thousands of viewers, networking with suppliers and galleries, and public glass enthusiasts too.

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