Sheet glass from recycled bottles

I have been asked to carry out a large commission, designed by a British sculptor.
He wishes to use fused glass tiles, but would like them made from recycled bottle glass.....
I am sure I received a leaflet some years ago from a small company who were making small sheets of glass from recycled bottles, but as the palette was very restricted and I didn't think I would have a need for them, I didn't keep the leaflet. I cannot remember what the name of the company was, and though I have googled every combination of words and phrases I can think of which might be relevant, nothing has come up.They may even have gone out of business.
However, I was wondering whether any of your readers might know of them and could put me in touch. Some of them may have been sent the same advertising flier, and had the presence of mind to actually keep it!! Alternatively does anyone know of any other UK company which might make coloured glass sheet from recycled bottles.

Oriel Hicks