Precious Tiny Vessels - Erna Piechna-Sowersby

28-30th March 2019

We are talking small. The height of a tiny vessel is about 4 cm. It is worked in layers of glass, cold worked and polished with delicate patterns on the outside (sometimes the inside) and many more details. A lot of fine handwork goes into this little gem.

These tiny and very precious vessels are not designed to be utilitarian. They are made to hold non material content, such as wishes, thoughts, dreams…

Students will be confronted with a lot of different techniques, e.g. Basic fusing, drop-out, cold working by hand or with tools, sandblasting with photosensitive masks, engraving and a little bit of Art Clay Silver.

Two tiny vessels with lids made from glass or Art Clay Silver

Skill Level
Some experience in kiln forming is advantageous.

Lunch and refreshments are included.