Mould Construction with Erna Piechna-Sowersby

1st- 3rd April

If you are looking to bridge the gap from fusing into glass casting, then this 3 day workshop is just what you are looking for. Erna will take you through the mould making process, step-by-step, to create reference samples using all the materials and techniques presented. You will learn to understand the specific behaviour of each material and how this relates to your project and the glass you want to use.


Vermiculite and Fondu Cement - A durable slumping mould which helps to reproduce natural, flowing shapes. You will learn how to take a negative of a model or body part with plaster bandage and then use it to build a slumping mould.

Lost Wax – A one-use plaster/silica mould which has wonderful properties to allow you to recreate fine detail. The model (possibly with undercuttings) will be made of either clay or wax .

Sand/Bentonite - A flexible and inexpensive mix allowing you to build a casting or slumping mould which affords you the most freedom to take an imprint from all sorts of objects.

Lunch and refreshments provided.
Materials included and discounts available in store for attendees.

Skill Level – Previous kiln working skills advantageous

Angela Bennett