Kilncare Pro Fuser


I am moving to a smaller studio so need to sell my Kilncare Pro-Fuser and buy a smaller Kilncare kiln. Mine was bought in mid 2014. It is on a stand, with a shelf, and has casters, so easy to move around. It comes with a controller with 9 programmes. This kiln can run on single phase or 3 phase, needs 6kw supply and a circuit breaker. External Dimensions:1250mm x 810mm x 540. Internal dimensions: 850mmx510mmx225mm. shelf: 820mmx480mm. The stand raises it by 650mm.

A new Pro Fuser with the same equipment is selling for £4176. As they are so reliable, and flexible in terms of electricity supply, they are rarely available second hand. Kilncare says I should ask £3000, but I would take £2800 from someone who would pick it up (in London) between mid and end of May.

Lynn Foster