Glass Tools For Sale

Diamond Core Drills - screw fitting to fit Flushing Head Drill attachment below or can be fitted to hand drill with adapters available from e.g. Creative Glass.
10 mm or 12mm £28 each incl postage
35mm or 36mm £50 each incl postage
45mm £65 incl postage

Drill Flushing cooling head for drill bits
This fits into a normal bench drill and takes a water feed to cool and flush glass drilling. Takes the above drill bits.
£50 incl postage

Whole Bundle 4 or 5 drill bits plus Flushing Head
£260 incl postage

Various Bullseye or compatible frit 350-480g in each
White, Black, French Vanilla, Crystal Clear all powder, plus French Vanilla 01
Whole Bundle £45 incl postage

Approx 3.8kg Bullseye clear (Tekta) 3mm Glass cut into pieces
1.5cm x 3cm each (about 800 pieces) plus additional half bits and scraps.
Suit Jewellery, casting, fusing projects
£45 incl postage

Carla Sealey
txt 07546 915509