CGS at International Festival of Glass 2019 ‘CELESTIAL BODIES’

Deadline to take part 27th March 2019

CGS at International Festival of Glass 2019 ‘CELESTIAL BODIES’
Sponsored by Mark Holford
CGS commemorates 50 years since the moon landing and invites its members to take part in a fun exhibition to celebrate CELESTIAL BODIES. "Use your creative minds to journey to a galaxy far, far away." The theme for the International Festival of Glass is Place Making so CGS has decided that our place will be out of this world!
The brief to our members is to make a piece of glass no more than 12 x 12 cm and less that 2 cm deep. As it is about outer space, your work needs to be able to be suspended. These pieces will be displayed in our usual cases in the Ruskin Centre.
To make it fun and challenging, all pieces of work will be sold for either £50 or £100.
Be part of a fantastic fun fundraising show. Our exhibition always gets lots of coverage and we sell many pieces, your work might be bought and added to one of Britain’s leading collections.
There will also be Prizes, Best in Show, sponsored by Alan J Poole, two Runner's Up and the People's Prize.

Join in and have fun creating your vision of the final frontier!

Forms will be circulated in January for you to sign up, but we want to give you plenty of notice to plan your piece.
This is a unselected show, if you sign up you are in.

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