CGS Conference 20/20 Vision

5-6 September 2020

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th September 2020
CGS Conference
20/20 Vision
At Swansea College of Art (UWTSD)

After years of political upheaval, a lack of consumer confidence, a dwindling of educational facilities to study glass plus the natural horrors of climate change, 2020 heralds in a new decade.
As glass artists what is our vision for the future? What is our work about, what are our influences and passions, how do we experiment and how do we survive successfully in an increasingly clean-hands, non-craft technological age? How do we learn from and promote an apparent yearning within the general public to find themselves through mindfulness and healthy living?

Our conference offers a range of speakers whose work speaks of their vision, their way of seeing, but in very different ways and by using a range of diverse techniques. They are national and international, established and newly graduated artists. But all have a story to tell as they take us on a journey through their thought processes and their work. We can learn how they survive as practicing contemporary glass artists and encourage us to go away from the conference to shout out or vision of a world where contemporary glass is appreciated as the wondrous art form that it is.
Speakers include:
Steffen Dam from Denmark
Cathryn Shilling
James Devereux and Katie Huskie