Call to Artists - Glasshaus 14

19th Septemebr - 3rd November

Call to Artists

This year will be the 14th Annual Glasshaus exhibition at Parndon Mill, and following the success of last year’s themed show on glass and science, this year will focus on glass and history. This could be work that uses historical references as inspirational sources or work that deals with the history of glass making, or indeed any other link between glass and history.

The exhibition will be held at the Parndon Mill Gallery in Harlow, Essex, and will run from 19th September until 3rd November (work to be delivered on 16th September and collected on 4th November). If you would like to be considered for the exhibition and feel that your work is relevant to this year’s theme, or if you require any clarification, then please contact either Sally Anderson at, or Karen Murphy at

Karen Murphy