It is with great sadness we announce the death of Stuart Garfoot


Stuart died quietly at home on Tuesday 12th of February after a long illness with the support of his wife Jo and daughters Bethany and Chloe.
I knew Stuart for over forty years as a student, a teaching colleague and as a close personal friend. He was a student of the Stourbridge College glass course in the early 1970`s,after which he went to the Royal College of Art where he took his Masters by project, which allowed him to concentrate on his interest in glass processes, specifically with reference to design for Industry. During his subsequent career he combined teaching with design consultancy, producing notable ranges of glass tableware for Rosenthal among others. As a teacher, at Stourbridge and Wolverhampton, he brought his special design skills to the glass course, supporting this with press and centrifuge machinery which he built himself. He was an original and gifted artist, designer and teacher who contributed his unique presence to generations of students, and who provided a valuable counterweight to the predominantly craft ethos of the course. As a man he was forthright in his opinions and contributions, leavening this with great wit and insight. His unique, powerful and dynamic character made a lasting impression on all who knew him. To say that he will be sorely missed is an understatement.
Keith Cummings