Challenge Number 6

Structures and Buildings - any interpretation accepted. 
We had some great submissions, some serious some for fun.I have chosen two winners

Carrie Fertig - It is part of my passing laces body of work which seeks to answer what kind of sensory environment would be compelling as a place to die?
Marc Fesko - a large fused glass disc portraying a Grade II listed building local to me, the Gaumont State building in Kilburn High Road (originally a cinema, now a church). It took days to make, being assembled from over 150 pieces of glass fused; had it not been for lockdown, I would not have had the time to make it.

Other images of work
Jan O'Highway- This is the original photo, a collection of bricks & bits in my garden + toy horse. Despite the small size, there is a monolithic feeling to it… and the pony is running, running away? Or running toward? Either way, it seems to have escaped the dark tunnel and is moving with urgency. So, a Brutalist structure, huge boulders and a mystery…. to emphasize this I cropped the image & removed all colour, it then reminded me of the black and white films from the 1960s.

Liege Matharu -
I got inspiration from the situation we find ourselves in, the fact that it is affecting all of us and that we need to hang on. I used hangers to make a structure of unity between all of us.
My work is entitled: Hanging on

Preeti Udas- Description: This work is inspired partly by Nek Chand, the Indian artist who made fascinating large scale sculptures in Chandigarh using recyclable wastes, tiles, bottles and discarded ceramics; An avid coffee drinker for years, the cups the coffee came in have fascinated me. What could perhaps be seen as a utilitarian item, has been customised by various venues, museums, independent baristas to be a signature culture representation. We no longer buy coffee - we buy the experience. For me, once the experience ends, I have been unable to discard the carrier of caffeinated pleasure (symbolic perhaps of any inability to let go that plagues my whole life).
The other inspiration is the Madurodam park in Holland with its miniaturised representation of landmarks. Being deprived of my full fat organic extra strong lattes for almost 3 months now - I dream of being in a palace of coffee.
My work is also a humble admission of guilt - for the mindless waste we generate in our pursuit of life's small pleasures.
NOTE: I started carrying a recyclable cup with me from 2018.

Joy McAvoy-Basically it’s a lino print of a corner of a building in Williamsburg in New York, I’ve done 3 as I would, in an ideal world, like to print this image on glass, then perhaps fuse it with frit behind. However, as I do not own a kiln, I will have to wait until classes commence again (fingers crossed!!) at KCC in Kensington!The image is printed onto paper that has been produced using acrylic paint and a gel press.

Paul Mellor -a structure being a painting of the section of stone wall at the Buxton Long hill Goyt valley junction. Its particularly fascinated me as this place has been copied by myself on numerous free hand as well as lino printed and presents a near perfect example of yet another ancient craft from the Derbyshire Peak. Painted with Reusche glass paints in black and sepia on 4mm recycled double glazing glass and then fired at 605 deg C . Measures 155 mm x 105 mm x 4mm

Kate Henderson - Edinburgh study iii Collage with ink and mixed media

Tlws Johnson - New York Bowl

Penny Stevens - It is a fused glass piece of my local parish church, St. Mary’s Church, Hardwick, Bucks.

Marc Fresco's House