CGS to the Rescue! CGS jumps into action to support its members during this awful pandemic.

Press Release 1st July 2020
CGS to the Rescue!
CGS jumps into action to support its members during this awful pandemic.
As soon as we realised that actual exhibitions, workshops and Forum Days would be cancelled, the Team at the Contemporary Glass Society put our thinking hats on to develop an action plan to support makers.
This has resulted in a dazzling array of new initiatives to help including:
• Weekly emails packed with useful links and information about funding and opportunities for artists.
• E mails where members can share information, support and contact each other.
• Weekly Live interviews with artists on Wednesday evenings where members also have time to chat to each other and make ongoing links.
• More frequent monthly online exhibitions, with opportunities for members to include work for sale and share contact details for potential buyers to get in touch.
• Recorded video interviews with Glass Artists and Collectors that are continually available
• Fortnightly fun challenges to encourage creative thinking and keep spirits up
• Daily tweets about glass makers
• Regular Facebook profiles of members’ work
• Instagram continually added to with fantastic images of members work.

We are also finalising our new and much more interactive website with many new features. This will be launched at the end of July.

The feedback from our members has been fantastic. They appreciate our help and support:
I just wanted to say thank you. I have already had some people message me saying they found the article funny, poignant & interesting.

I am trying to catch up with the online talks as I have been missing them due to another regular Zoom call I have on Weds eve. I have just watched Cathryn Shilling....truly inspirational and informative. Thank you for arranging these - things like these are helping us all to cope in our strange times,thank you and keep safe.

Just a quick email to thank you and Sue so much for arranging the current CGS talks. Although I haven’t been able to see all the live Wednesday evening talks I’ve watched them all over the past few weeks.
I particularly enjoyed Katharine Coleman’s and Cathryn Schilling’s talks. I realise it must be a lot of extra work for you but I’m sure we all appreciate the effort (I certainly do). Not having access to a studio at the moment and whether I’ll be able to continue studying in the way I’d like to at the RCA having the CGS community network is a life saver.I know we all say thank you every week but I just wanted to say an extra thanks. Best wishes to you and Sue. Kind regards,

Times are tough for established Glass Artists but for this year’s Graduates the situation is even worse. We are trying to support them as they finish with no final pieces of work to demonstrate their skills, no final show to exhibit at and a lack of comradeship from fellow students. CGS is running an online exhibition for them and also enabling this year’s Graduates to take part next year in the New Graduate Review and prize giving.
The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has kept Glass Artists away from their studios with no means of earning an income from making, exhibiting and selling their work or running workshops. It is a truly dire situation for all creative artists and they need financial and emotional support from us all.

Please visit CGS’s website enjoy the beauty of contemporary glass art and - if you are able – why not contact a glass maker, buy some work and bring some sunshine into both theirs and your lives!