CGS Fun Challenges Number 4

RESULTS - CGS Fortnightly Challenge, No. 4
Painting on Glass using paint from your home -
set by Board member Amy Whittingham

Thank you everyone for sending in your images for this challenge, it's wonderful to see such variation in the approaches to painting on glass using mediums from around the home. I love the mark making tools that have ranged from using sticks to printing and the bold use of colour in some of the paintings. I also appreciate the stories that have accompanied the paintings; a blackbirds route in the garden is a beautiful choice of inspiration Paul thank you for sharing.
I choose this set of three by Maria Zulueta as the winner. The repeat patterns and the use of layers of glass creates a rich textural, tapestry like feel to the images. Thank you for rising to the challenge!

CGS Fortnightly Challenge, No. 3
Create your own STILL LIFE,

Winner - Dominic Fonde - Still Lives
Second - Teresa Chlapowski -Covid-19 Survival Plan, Still Life

Maria Zulueta, light and Shadows,The storm doesn't last forever and Migration fro the Sky
Teresa Chlapowski -Covid-19 Survival Plan, Still Life

Kate Henderson
Preeti Udas
Gary Fovargue
Kate Henderson
Paul Mellor