CGS Challenge Number 5 - results

We are pleased to report that 10 members of CGS took part in or 5th Challenge" The Joy of Nature"
After careful consideration the winner was Kate Henderson with Trees, stitched with wool and handwritting on paper.,
The runner up is Rebecca Medrano- I have been working on using plants and ice. Trapping flowers and leaves inside a block of ice. It looked and felt like a block of cast glass and as the ice melted, the flowers were set free and revealed more fully. Like ourselves trapped at home and waiting for lockdown to be ended!!!

Thank you to everyone who took part.
Here are everyone's images in no particular order apart from the winners

Kate Henderson
Rebecca Medrano
Emma Butler- Cole
Irene Funnell
Gabrielle Argent
Leige Matharu
Paul Mellor
Penny Stevens
Meg Telfer
Jane Altman