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Glorious Glass EXHIBITION, moves North to:
The World of Glass, St Helen’s, Merseyside WA10 1BX
21st September – 8th November 2019
CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Friday, 17th May 2019 at 5.00pm
CGS invites its Northern and Midland members to join in the Glorious Glass programme.


May 2019
CGS Members discount for May 2019
The English Antique Glass Company offer unique hand made English glass


CGS at International Festival of Glass 2019 ‘CELESTIAL BODIES’
Sponsored by Mark Holford and Alan J Poole
Friday 23rd August - Saturday 28th September.

CGS commemorates 50 years since the moon landing with over 120 members taking part in a fun exhibition to celebrate CELESTIAL BODIES.

The theme for the International Festival of Glass is Place Making so CGS has decided that our place will be out of this world!


The Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) is looking for 15 enthusiastic CGS members to take part in a Glass Pecha Kucha event at the International Festival of Glass 2019 on Friday the 23rd August.