CGS at International Festival of Glass 2019 ‘CELESTIAL BODIES’
Sponsored by Mark Holford and Alan J Poole
Friday 23rd August - Saturday 28th September.

CGS commemorates 50 years since the moon landing with over 120 members taking part in a fun exhibition to celebrate, CELESTIAL BODIES.

The theme for the International Festival of Glass is Place Making so CGS has decided that our place will be out of this world!

With over 120 CELESTIAL BODIES , be sure to come and find us in the Ruskin Centre and boost your collection with one of these fantastic unique glass works.

The artists
Isobel Ackary, Lynda Addison, Suzanne Adlington, Simon Alderson, Frances Arkle, Brenda Armstrong, Sarah Aumayer, Roberta Ayles, Jenny Ayrton, Meryl Bagnulo, Carolyn 'Caro' Barlow, Maggie Barton, Carolyn Basing, Sally Beeston, Marysia Bogacz, Sarah L. Brown, Jayne Buckland, Beverley Bunn, Jennifer Burridge,Tabitha Burrill, Anneliese Butcher, Marília Carvalho, Teresa Chlapowski, Nick Claiden, Mercedes Clark-Smith, James Cockerill, Terri-Louise Colledge,Katharine Coleman M.B.E., Helen Creedy, Nani Croze, Jerre Davidson, Sarah Davis, Marie Dawe, Estelle Dean, Rachel Elliott, Stephanie Else, Martine Finlay, Dominic Fondé, Margaret Foster, David Frazer, Irene Funnell, Pam Fyvie, Hannah Gibson, Aneta Glowacka, Carole Gray, Wadia Haidar, Claire Hall, Hilary Hayes, Kate Henderson, Jane Hester, Ingrid Hunter, Allen Ives, George Jackson, Naomi Jacques, Tlws Johnson, Sue Jones, Sharon Korek, Rebecca Laister, Jan Langdale, Jessie Lee, Jon Lewis, Julie Light, Karen Lilley, Jo Lumley, Deanne Mangold, Brett Manley, Jane Mason, Geraldine 'Gerry' McLoughlin, Paul Mellor, Joanne 'Jo' Mitchell, Linda Morley, Wendy Newhofer, Heidi Nicholson, Caroline 'Cat' Noble, Jan O'Highway, Nathalie Ozouf, Grant Parker, Lois Parker, Lesley Parsons, Purnima Patel, Jacque Pavlosky, Harriet Pelham, Susan Purser Hope, Lesley Pyke, Georgia Redpath, David Reekie, Morag Reekie, Pam Reekie, Moira Robinson, Barbara Roll, Annie Ross, Julia Rushworth, Jo Ryan, Mare Saare, Victoria Scholes, Grace Sharp, Cathryn Shilling, Susan Sinclair, Helen Smith, Pippa Stacey, Kathryn Sumroy, Nancy Sutcliffe, Kim Tattersall, Ray Taylor, Geoff Thwaites, Beth & Shaun Tierney, Deborah Timperley, Naomi Tolland,

Kate Henderson,Nancy sutcliffe, Jacque Pavlosky & Medallions 2012