Call to membersGlorious Glass EXHIBITION, moves North to: The World of Glass, St Helen’s, Merseyside WA10 1BX

Glorious Glass EXHIBITION, moves North to:
The World of Glass, St Helen’s, Merseyside WA10 1BX
21st September – 8th November 2019
CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Friday, 7th June 2019 at 5.00pm
CGS invites its Northern and Midland members to join in the Glorious Glass programme.
THEME: In 2017, the Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) celebrated 20 years since its foundation as the principle supporter and promoter of artists and collectors of contemporary glass in the UK. It now has almost 1,000 members both nationally and internationally. To continue the celebration of this landmark anniversary and to raise awareness of the glory of contemporary glass, a series of linked exhibitions are being held around Great Britain over the next three years.
CGS has chosen The World of Glass in St Helen’s as the venue where we will be displaying glass art work from artists based in the North, Midlands and surroundings counties  The exhibition is open to all members at any stage of their career and is unselected with all work for sale.
The aim of the “Glorious Glass” exhibition is to demonstrate how utterly glorious and amazing contemporary glass is so that everyone can appreciate and enjoy its magical colours, textures, use of light and variety of techniques and also discover their own local glass artists.  The work displayed will feature as wide a range of techniques as possible. Each artist will explain why glass is glorious to them and why they have chosen the pieces on display to express that passion for their chosen material.  
This show is open to all members in the North, Midlands and surroundings counties.
The fee for CGS members to exhibit is £45.00. This covers associated costs for delivering the exhibition. We aim to break even on each of the Glorious Glass Exhibitions.
The Work:
Your choice of work should be from existing artwork that is inspired by “Glorious Glass”
Work in progress may be accepted but should be clearly illustrated.
Work should demonstrate excellent standards of creativity and technique.
Functional, decorative and sculptural items will all be considered.
Work from all disciplines is welcome and encouraged
The work must comprise of at least 85% glass, excluding stands etc.
Size of work not to exceed 100cm in horizontal diameter, for wall hung or plinth based artwork.
All work submitted should be made since January, 2017.

PLEASE NOTE: the aim is to include up to 3 pieces of work from each artist.  However, this is subject to the size of work submitted & the number of artists applying for inclusion.
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