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Photo by Simon Bruntnell

I have been lamp working borosilicate glass for over 30 years. Developing techniques to work solid glass to an unusually large scale and definition. I am fascinated by the fluidity with change in temperature of the glass, the changes in light and reflections within I feel all adds to the magical qualities and gives an ethereal feel to my creations.


My art is for me the reflection of my feelings and memories inspired not only by my own childhood but by my daughters’ childhood, involving their memories, feelings and innocence so I use glass to conserve images in my memory , the glass allows me to freeze them. thus it seems that those memories could be eternal, but like everything made of glass it could break and hurt us, just like life

Jeff Zimmer

I am fascinated by exploring areas between certainty and doubt, conveying a sense of the volume of space, and impeding the flow of light. Images are built through multiple firings on many layers of glass, which permits the object to 'move' as the layers shift in relation to each other with the movement of the viewer.

Finally embracing my inner Artist with the use of my first names
Enjoying the journey into Art using Stained Glass
From passions involving Autism and Deafness to embracing nature and the beauty that surrounds us
Feeling very very happy


I have long been inspired by colour and glass from a young child in a seaside resort. Call me a colour addict I wont mind!
I wasn't a designer just a spare time sketcher of sorts. I could make things, sometimes. It wasn't until the advent of public email boards that I met a mentor that helped me combine my loves with jewellery and glass fusing. I love but am also frustrated by glass and its colours;-)
In 2017 I left my computing work life... now as Alfeze, I want to see what I have missed and what I can make of and in the future!

Kilncast Lead Crystal Glass

Maria Zulueta combines her work as an artist with teaching and researching. She initiated Global Glass Art in 2000. From 2005 she has established her individual glass creative business and enjoys working on site specific installations making sculptural work that relates to the space in which it sits and often works to commission for both public art and private commissions. She regularly lectures in kiln-formed glass courses at Kensington and Chelsea College and the Art Academy in London and runs workshops and master classes in the UK and Spain. In 2017 will finalise her Glass Master degree at Sunderland University.