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Smith, Iain

Bowl, linear, blue & amber
Bowl, linear, multi-coloured
Bowl, linear, plum & blue
Bowl, penrose pattern, red, green amber
Bowl, thick walled, cone, green strip
Thick Green Plate
Red Strip Bowl
Woven Bowl
Bathroom Window
Lattice Plate
Mr. Iain Smith

After more than 30 years in science & engineering, I started learning about kiln formed glass in 2008. I am self-taught, through reading, experiment, mistakes and practice. My approach is to make designs that are functional and useful, as well as beautiful.

Bowls are my favourite form. I like their appearance and feel. They are useful and they make the most of the wonderful colours of glass. We use a number of bowls I have made around our house as dessert dishes and fruit bowls. I also make plates and coasters and have designed and fabricated leaded glass windows for our house.

Details about work or recent projects

I make functional forms in the kiln that are also beautiful - bowls, plates, dishes and containers. I also make leaded panels and windows. I am currently exploring thicker-walled kiln-formed bowls, using a variety of designs.

Cold work, Kiln work, Leaded and stained
Decorative, Design, Functional
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Conferences, Techniques, Workshops