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Croucher Sally

Croucher Sally
Playing 1
Croucher Sally
Bunting 1
Croucher Sally
Bunting 2
Croucher Sally
Watercolour bunting
Croucher Sally
Bunting greens and gold
Croucher Sally
Croucher Sally
Croucher Sally
Blues 2
Croucher Sally
Greens in process
Croucher sally
sally croucher

I trained at Loughborough Art College in Three Dimensional Design specialising in Ceramics. I have taught and made since then but have fairly recently discovered the delights of kiln formed glass. I haven`t looked back and continue to explore technique, colour and form through this inspiring material.

Details about work or recent projects

Glass bunting for windows and exploring lighting ideas and possible garden sculptures. Currently looking at translating life and other drawings into stand alone pieces using combined glass processes.

Kiln work
Artist, Educator
Decorative, Design
Areas of Interest:
Education, Exhibition, Workshops