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Derwent, Juliette

Fractaala "Anvers"
Juliette Derwent
Fractaala "Luzon"
Juliette Derwent
Fractaala "Austral"
Juliette Derwent
Fractaala "Les Gilis"
Juliette Derwent
Fractaala "Violet"
Juliette Derwent
Medium glass flower - blues pointy petals
Juliette Derwent
Medium blues flower 9 petals wired
Juliette Derwent
Large blue flower
Juliette Derwent
Large leaf - "The blues" - the original !
Juliette Derwent
Large blue butterfly (murrini "eyes" / cane body)
Juliette Derwent
Ms. Juliette Derwent

I make glass ornaments for the garden: hanging decorations and garden plaques, known as “Fractaalas”. Both are made from fused glass and use a variety of techniques and each one is unique.

Fractaalas are made from murrini (also known as millefiori) which are pieces of chopped cane which I pull myself from my vitrigraph kiln. A wide variety of colours is possible. Each Fractaala is named after an island around the world and is completely unique. Each is engraved accordingly on the reverse side.

I love the fact that glass catches the light so well in the garden and colours seem bolder and brighter. My pieces stay outside all year round (unless if a gale is forecast) and provide much-needed colour in the winter.

Details about work or recent projects

I am currently working on my Fractaala series. I am primarily self-taught although have attended a few glass fusing courses. My favourite colour is blue (can you tell !!!) but I do make in other colours :-)

Flame working, Kiln work, Other: Vitrigraph
Artist, Collector
Decorative, Other: Garden art
Areas of Interest:
Exhibition, Marketing, Techniques