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Devereux, Teddy

Teddy Devereux
Slice of Life
photo by Jason Dowdle
photo by Robin Devereux
Life Lines
photo by Teddy Devereux
Out of the Blue
photo by Jason Dowdle
Urban Sprawl
photo by Teddy Devereux
photo by Jason Dowdle
Blue Hole Flow
photo by Teddy Devereux
Reaching Thru the Fog
photo by Teddy Devereux
Take the road less traveled
photo by Teddy Devereux
Teddy Devereux

I began my glass fusing adventure with a workshop by Dan Fenton in 1993. Since then I have taken several kilnforming workshops and master classes with Dan and other artists including Klaus Moje and Kirstie Rea. In 2012 I won the Dino Read Foundation Award at the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Fair.

Details about work or recent projects

The inspiration for much of my art comes from a lifelong interest in biological forms and natural patterns.

Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Artist, Educator
Fine art, Sculptural
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Competitions, Education, Exhibition, Networking, Publications, Technical queries, Techniques, Workshops