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Mach Shepherd, Batia

Mrs. Batia Mach Shepherd

Sculptor. Lives and creates in Israel. Started sculpturing with stone and bronze and after a visit to Murano, was captured by the glass medium and it's 4th dimension - the light reflection. Studied in Czech Republic, at the Oldest Glass School in Kamenicky Senov, by Janak Frantisek.
The subjects I choose to sculpture derive from observing the way we interact in our lives in all aspects: Having a dialogue with our sexuality, within our family, in the modern society and between ourselves and religions.
Works using casting method, lost wax and finished by cold work.
In my work I try to emphasis these relationships.

Details about work or recent projects

Working on subject "Dialogue". series already include :
1 - Is there a dialogue - A reflection of the dialogue in the morning society
2 - Islam and Jewish Icons in figurative.
3 - Symbiosis - A dialogue in realtionship

Casting, Cold work
Fine art, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Exhibition, Marketing, Techniques