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K'inan, Kira Phoenix

The Heart's Invisible Furies, 2
Photographed by Robert Mårtensson
The Heart’s Invisible Furies, 1
Photographed by Robert Mårtensson
For The Furies Awoke and Everything Was Blue, 3
Photographed by Robert Mårtensson
Ice Drawing, 1
Photographed by Sylvain Deleu
Rust Drawing, 2
Photographed by Robert Mårtensson
I Wanted To Take The Ocean With Me, 1
Photographed by Sylvain Deleu
Somewhere Between, 1
Photographed by Sylvain Deleu
Somewhere Between, 2
Photographed by Sylvain Deleu
Miss Kira Phoenix K'inan

I am a London, Edinburgh and Stockholm based artist.

Details about work or recent projects

Over the past five years I have developed several glass drawing techniques that stemmed from transferring the language of a two dimensional line drawing on paper into three-dimensional sculptures. Each transformed drawing is unique and created in the moment. Thus far I have developed eight different drawing techniques with glass including Carve Drawing, Plaster Expression, Spike Drawing, Scratch Drawing, Panel Glass Drawing, Chisel Drawing and Disk Series. Each allows me the ability to tell stories, express a feeling through physical gestures, allow the slow release of a form as it emerges out of the material or interpret my surroundings with the use of line and colour. My practice is also rooted in my interest for the science fiction genre, ancient mythology and the organic forms found in nature or under a microscope.

Casting, Cold work, Etching, Hot glass, Kiln work, Painting
Other: Mixed Media Artist
Areas of Interest:
Conferences, Education, Workshops