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Schellander, Nicola

Caress Vase designed and produced for Dartington Crystal 2005
Caress Vase
Touch Vase
Contour stemware
Nicola Schellander
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Creative Glass Designer. Design Consultancy and Product Design. My experience has very been enhanced by the understanding and harmony between the beauty and skill of hand-crafted objects and the manufacturing process, aiming to produce pieces that are both cutting edge, tactile, refined and sophisticated. I am also currently carrying out a Phd in Glass, which supports my creative studio practice.

Details about work or recent projects

A British Glass Designer who has worked as Head of Design at Edinburgh Crystal and also more recently as Senior Designer at Dartington Crystal. As well as her passion for designing for industry, she is also a glassmaker, designing and producing her own studio pieces, lighting and interior products. Her interest in the structural and spatial qualities of glass with references drawn from anatomy and architecture, creating deeply carved and highly sculpted studio pieces that explore space and form. Her aim is to fuse traditionalism with contemporary ideas, through new ideas and technologies. Ideas evolve through using various handcrafted and manufacturing techniques, often with a humorous look at either the conventions of a product or the way it is intended to be used.

Casting, Cold work, Engraving: centrifuge
Architectural, Design, Decorative
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Competitions, Conferences, Education