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Holford, Mark

"Luminous Finale I" - Jackson Fawkes - Les Azuriales Opera Prize 2011
© Jackson Fawkes
Shooting Star Chase Annual Exhibition Sale at the Royal College of Art London
© Mark Holford
"Hommage à Alain Bernard" - Vic Bamforth - a commission for Thomas Miller
© Vic Bamforth
Mark Holford

I have been collecting glass for more than 30 years (possibly 60+ years on one view!). It is an eclectic collection but concentrates on abstract sculptural studio glass, as well as vessels and engraved glass. I am happy to show my collection to glass artists and other collectors: just email me.I am the chairman of a tech start-up and my wife and I run a charity supporting young opera singers ( I commission glass for opera prizes and corporate gifts and have sponsored a number of glass prizes. I was honoured in 2015 to be chairman of the jury of the Glass Biennale. I am also a Liveryman of the Glass Sellers' Livery Company. I am passionate about widening the market for / interest in modern glass.

Details about work or recent projects

My 30 year old collection concentrates on

  • Modern art / studio glass with some engraved works and vessels
  • Maker artists but with some factory pieces
  • British artists with some by overseas artists

.. My wife and I run an opera singing competition and we each year commission a prize in glass. If you are interested in the commission, please email me before April 30.

Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Exhibition, Publications