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Schmid, Herbert

Balance VII
cast glass ,polished, 30x23x47 cm, Balance VII
Balance VIII
cast glass ,polished, 30x23x47 cm, Balance VIII
Like a tube
cast glass ,polished, 25x22x34cm, Like a tube
Balance V
cast glass ,polished, 36x26x29 cm, Balance V
Balance IV
cast glass ,polished, 36x22x28 cm, Balance IV
Inbetween I
cast glass ,polished, 20x30x20 cm, Inbetween I
Balance III
cast glass ,polished, 30x28x35 cm, Balance III
Inbetween V
cast glass ,polished, 32x20x16 cm, Inbetween V
Balance X
cast glass ,polished, 40x23x30 cm, Balance X

After working as an electronic engineer and a doctor of medicine I started with my glass education. Now since 20 years as a glass artist I prefere casting and working on big architectural objects often combined with steel.

Details about work or recent projects

Kiln casting with different glasses and following cold work is the way I gone the last ten years and espacially the lost wax methode I prefere in the last two years after a master class at Nothlands glass with Angela Thwaites.
2014 I was at Pilchuck glass school -sculpting Color&light mit Richard Whiteley und Heike Brachlow