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Ed Ironside Bremner

01822 832574
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Edinburgh College of Art


Elin Isaksson Glass

Elin Isaksson Glass
Glass blowing studio hire (discounted rates for weekly&monthly hire) one off hire: £195
Unit 1, Ludgate Alloa FK10 2DE Central Scotland (studio is 5min walk from Alloa train station (1 stop from Stirling) and 40min drive from Edinburgh airport.
Tel: 07968 871439

Emma Garnham Article

An article written by Emma Garnham to accompany the 'Make Your Mark' online gallery exhibition. Written April 2013. Download

English Antique Glass

The UK was once the world capital of stained glass design, production and innovation. English Antique Glass is now the UK’s only remaining manufacturer of flat glass. An offshoot of one of the great 19th century Sunderland glassworks, English Antique Glass has decades of experience including hand-crafting stained glass panes for York Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and many of the country's most exalted edifices.

Using artisanal techniques first developed in the twelfth century, English Antique Glass offers free blown glass- a highly skilled, labour and time-intensive process. Unlike homogenous mould-made glass, each piece is unique, with air bubbles and slight variations in design demonstrating the care and attention with which it is crafted. A new collection of handmade mouth-blown tableware and decorative accessories keeps traditional glassblowing alive, by bringing ancient skills to new audiences thanks to a renewed global interest in Britain’s manufacturing history.

The English Antique Glass collection includes a selection of reassuringly substantial glasses, paperweights, doorstops, vases, decanters and carafes in a palette of yellow, amber and turquoise. Finishes include clear as well as swirled or seedy, achievable only in hand-mixed, hand blown glass using specialised techniques. The result is a glassware range of the finest colour, clarity and brilliance.

Ester Segarra


Eternal Tools

Suppliers of precision tools for glass engravers and glass artists including a wide range of abrasives, diamond burrs, polishers and diamond drills.

Exploring the Fusion of Art and Technique Conference 2013

A brief review of the Contemporary Glass Society Glass Skills Conference 2013 Contemporary Glass Society - Exploring the Fusion of Art and Technique Conference 2013