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Creative Glass Guild

16 Whitehouse Street, Bedminster, Bristol. Somerset. BS3 4AY.
Tel: +44(0)871 200 3389.
Bench and kiln hire.

Creative Glass UK equipment for hire

BVD Flatbed Glass Kiln with Easyvent shelf: max working area of 92x71cm
4x Paragon GL24 Glass Kilns for fusing/ slumping/casting: shelf size up to 55x55cm
Glastar Sandblasting system (max glass size: approx. 60x45cm)
Glastar B12 flatbed grinder with full set of 30cm grinding and polishing discs
Apollo/Taurus Saws
Water Fed Bench Core Drill System
Minor Benchburner with Propane, Oxycon and Annealing Kiln
Various UV lamps:
- hand-held lamp with curing box for UV resin/photopolymer plate
- Metal Halide 600watt lamp for photosensitive emulsions/capillary film
- Letralite 15watt exposure unit for photosensitive UV resist
Full details:

David Williams

Telephone: 44 (0) 1207 521 896
Mobile: 07801 240 191

Dawn Crystal

Reg Everton,
3 High Street


De Montfort University
Developing Skills

Information on developing skills

e- books

CGS has complied these e-books for your information and use

Ebor cutting / Processing Equipment