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We hope that you will find this section full of useful information, contacts and things that are going on, whether you are an artist, collector, gallery, magazine editor, a student or simply just love glass and are interested in learning more about what is available.

Guide How to Photograph Your Own Work

CGS commissioned photographer Bob Kauders to write a guide to help makers photograph their own work, we hope you find it useful. Download the guide.

How to add events/Workshops/Exhibitions to CGS web site

You can upload your events, workshops, exhibitions etc on to the noticeboard section of the site if you are a CGS member.

The process is quite simple, log in, using your user name and password.  Click the box on the home page, ‘Add your event/opportunity’, this is quite easy just follow instructions, keeping information short and to the point.  Remember to click the region your event is in.

You can also upload an image with your text for added emphasis.

How To Add Images to Website/On-line Gallery

To upload your images for on-line Gallery Exhibitions:

Log in to your profile using your username and password, this was originally set as

User Name = your membership number

Password = membership number plus last three letters of your surname (lower case) and (capital letter) your initial  ie.  3098kieP (e.g. Pam Reekie) unless you have changed it.

When you login you will land on your profile page,

Click on the 'Edit' tab. Then you will need to click on the submenu 'Exhibition'. All details can be viewed and uploaded on that page.
Write the exhibition title in the ‘submitted to’ box. Upload your image. Make sure you fill in all fields below the image. Remember to click save.

You will recive an email confirming your submission.

We hope you enjoy the site and we welcome any comments that you might have, please send these to  and do contact me if you have any other questions.

It is crucial that you keep your email address up to date so that you receive our regular e-bulletins, and please do open them, you might be missing some important opportunity.
Please make sure your inbox accepts  and

How to approach a Gallery

Jessamy Kelly has put this power point together to help when approaching galleries

How to edit your profile on the website & add images

Updating your profile on our website

It is important as a member of CGS that your profile on our website is kept up to date, do log in using your username and your password, which can be reset if you have forgotten it, and check that everything is correct. 

Use the ‘Edit my profile’ link at the very top of the page and click through the tabs, saving any changes before you move onto the next tab. It is really important that you have a short written profile. The last tab is Permissions, you can say here what details you want shown or not shown on the website, we do recommend that you either have your email or website, so that people can contact you if they wish to do so. All changes now go live immediately, no more waiting for approval.  So if you find you haven’t got it quite right, go back and make changes.

You can up load up to 10 images and to ensure you are making best use of the site, it is very important that you have at least one image.

The first image will randomly appear on the home page so it should be your best image and its size should be;  575 wide x 462 high pixels at 72dpi. All images should be around this size, but the website will resize them automatically as long as they are not too large files over 8mb.  You can also move the images around using the cross to the left of the image, click & drag to the order you want them in. 

This way you can change the home page image from time to time, very easily.

Once your have finished do log out and take a look at your details in Members Directory, if something isn't right, just log in again and make the change remembering to save any changes at the bottom of the page.

If you have any problems contact

Packing your work

Here are some tipe from David Reekie that might help when shipping work
A photo journal to packing your work

Help to pack your work 

Selection guidelines for online Gallery Exhibitions

Criteria for online Gallery Submissions:

1. Please ensure that the image submitted is not a cropped detail of your piece. The image should be of the entire piece of work. Cropped images or small details will not be accepted.

2. Please ensure that the quality of photography is as professional as possible. There is a guide to photography on the website above.

3. Please ensure that the image is of a decent size. All guidelines are on website. If image is small, the image will appear grainy and pixelated when submitted and may be rejected on these grounds.

4. Please enure that the setting of the piece photographed is as professional and as clear as possible. We would recommend no background details such as mantlepieces, windows, room scenes etc. A clean, white, black or grey background would be the most suitable.

5. Please ensure that your image is accompanied by all other relevant information, name, contact details, title, description etc. Any images without accompanying information will be rejected.

6. Please note that your image will have been received through the website ( by logging on to your profile and clicking the exhibition button). All pieces submitted with be selected and juried by the CGS Committee or invited guest curator.

7. Please make sure that you have not submitted this piece to a prior CGS gallery show.


The website system doesn't support animated gifs. 

Good photography tips

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stained Glass Making

Two sets of tutorials covering both copper foil and lead came in depth. Packed with lots of original, annotated photos and the best videos on the web to help you.

You name it, you can learn it... cutting, foiling, polishing, attaching hooks, framing, making a beaded soldered edge, soldering, leading, cementing. It's all here:

How To Make Stained Glass With Copper Foil

Making Stained Glass Using Lead Came