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Bethan Yates  

Coming from a background in textiles, the main theme of my work is the translation of stitch and embroidery into glass. I’m interested in combining...

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Christine Yeates  

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Nobuyasu Yoshida  

I am a glass maker in Kobe Japan. mainly using kiln technique to make original UTUWA(container) & object.

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Janis Young  

I have a Masters Degree in Contemporary Fine Art specialising in glass and work from my home based studio in

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Sandra Young  

I have been lamp working borosilicate glass since 1985. Developing techniques to work solid glass to an unusually large scale and definition. I am...

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Michaela Youngson  

I've been fusing glass since 2012, mostly making gifts for friends and family but I have been privileged to complete a number of commissions. I am...

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Haviva Zemach  

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Jeff Zimmer  

I am fascinated by exploring areas between certainty and doubt, conveying a sense of the volume of space, and impeding the flow of light. Images are...

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Anne Zorner  

I have long been inspired by colour and glass from a young child in a seaside resort. Call me a colour addict I wont mind! I wasn't a designer just...

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Maria Zulueta  

Maria Zulueta combines her work as an artist with teaching and researching. She initiated Global Glass Art in 2000. From 2005 she has established...

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