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Deborah Harding  

I am now living in East Anglia, and have a studio, at 'Butley Mills', which, as their website says is 'located in the depths of rural Suffolk, at the...

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Debra Tracey  

Debra creates glass art in her studio on the beautiful Isle of Man. From quirky glass puffins to glorious glass dishes inspired by the rich coastal...

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Dina Turovlin  

To transform a simple sheet of glass into a contemporary art sculpture, giving it movement out of the fragility and rigidness of its raw material, is...

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Elizabeth Welch  

Elizabeth creates highly detailed borosilicate glass sculptures of animals particularly bird insect and marine life. Each piece made made entirely by...

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Emma Rawson  

Originally a painter and for many years an art teacher I switched to glass as a medium after a year at St Martins (just before it closed) and luckily...

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Eva Walsh  

Fairy tales and the creatures and characters that inhabit them, are a source of inspiration for me in my glass work. They are moral tales of...

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Frances Walley  

Following a varied career in art education I developed a passion for glass work. This began with attendance at courses in both stained glass and...

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Gail Turbutt  

Having gained a BAhons in 3D design in Glass at Wolverhampton University, I embarked on a number of ventures, all looking to advance my mould making...

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Gemma Hollis  

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed making objects with items I find around the home. My passion for creating led me towards...

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Lorraine Berry  

Stunning Handmade Fused & Stained Glass Art Made in

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