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Hillary Heckard  

As a mixed media artist, Hillary Heckard creates installations, sculpture and digital art centered on the idea of impermanence and how it relates to...

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Jacqueline H-Botquelen  

French and Swiss artist, I love rough, weathered structured and distressed surfaces. Painting, sculptures, plaster, Glass, I use many imaginable...

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Janine Greenberg  

I use materials as the springboard to express my idea of spirit and my connectedness to the natural world around me. Through experimenting with...

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Jason Leggett  

Glass Artist - I became a glass artist just over 5 years ago and i love working with the wonderfully versatile medium of glass. I'm continually...

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Jenny McCracken  

Bright Star Glass produces stunning and unique glass windows, panels and smaller pieces using both copper foil and traditional lead came techniques....

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Jennifer Savage  

A love of the ocean and aquatic life has influenced a lot of my work; along with a passion for materials. From lost wax bowls created from an...

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Joanne Heath  

I started kiln formed glass 4 years ago and began making products to complement my range of natural wax candles. I was shown how to sandblast by a...

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Juliette Leperlier  

Juliette Leperlier didn’t came to Pâte de Verre by chance, it’s a matter of legacy, of family tradition. Her great grandfather François...

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Katya Izabel Filmus  

A sculptor working primarily in cast glass, specialising in complex mould-making, public commissions & contemporary sculpture. Interested in the...

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Karen Beggs  

I am a fairly new stained glass artist based just south of Edinburgh, Scotland. I make mountains, landscapes, flowers, abstract panels, feathers,...

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