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Helen Whittaker  

Helen Whittaker MA FMGP is a renowned artist and designer, highly regarded for her new stained glass windows and architectural sculpture in glass and...

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Charlie Burke  

From a very young age I have known of glass as an artistic medium, ever since my parents (E+M Glass) opened the studio I grew up in, back in 1987....

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Crispian Heath  

I have been working with glass for over thirty years. Initially I established a stained glass business, designing and making panels in South Devon. ...

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Gill Ellis  

I'm an obsessive glass fuser! After training in Art and Design over 40 years ago I now get to indulge my creative passion. I work with float...

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Amelia Burke  

My work is all created in the hot glass studio, using molten glass from the furnace. I enjoy creating detailed patterned designs, that lie in the...

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Margaret Burke  

I have been working with glass professionally for 30 years, blowing and finishing designs created from my studio based on the beautiful welsh...

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Cristine Baena  

Born in São Paulo with Spanish citizenship lived also in Miami, Curitiba and Mexico City. Worked as a resident artist at Romero Gurman from...

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Janice Ives  

A BA in 3D Design (2009-12) introduced me to glass and other creative media. I now focus on the glass to produce fine glass art pieces to adorn both...

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Ian Pearson  

Ian commenced a career as a scientific glassblower with a company owned by his Uncle who was himself a scientific glassblower. The company,...

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Clare Summons  

My journey of creativity has been through many changes since completing my degree in Three Dimensional Design at WSCAD.I studied casting. Liquid to...

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