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Rachel Craig  

Rachel is a kiln glass artist working in Surrey, UK. She has a wide range of experience in fused glass, cast glass, pate de verre and drop outs....

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Rees Bowen  


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Robyn Coetzee  

Robyn expresses her love and fascination of nature and in particular birds through the process of glass fusing creating highly decorative artefacts...

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Roë Holcombe   

Roë Holcombe is a Stained Glass and Fused Glass Artist. Her love of the play of light through coloured glass is what spurs her on! Her main method...

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Roisin Francis  

Roisin Francis (b. 1997, London, UK) is an artist based in London, working with glass, metal and print. This year she has completed her degree at...

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Rose Hagan  

Rose Hagan was born in Philadelphia, grew up in Connecticut, and became a Californian when she attended Stanford University and fell in love with...

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Sacha Brienesse  

I live in the Netherlands and started my professional career as a teacher of art and design. I started as a painter and became fascinated by glass. ...

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Catriona Johnston  

Safety Protection Glasses carry a variety of glassblowing safety glasses which are suitable for hot glasswork, furnace and scientific applications. ...

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Samantha Donaldson  

Samantha has always been fascinated by the ever changing perceptions between the viewer and a curiously unfamiliar object of desire. Studying...

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Samantha Wuidart  

When working with hot glass I find the fluidity of the material mesmerising. I love the look of the bright hot orange glow when first gathering all...

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