WHAT INSPIRES YOU?- Part of our CGS 'Lockdown' Series 3/6

As part of our CGS Lockdown Series of Online Glass Exhibitions, we put a call out for CGS members to submit an image of something that inspires them.

This online exhibition will be a follow-up to the show that Cathryn Shilling co-curated with us 3 weeks ago. We are hoping that you will have been inspired by Cathryn's talk (the link to her Zoom presentation can be found in a recent CGS bulletin).

Cathryn discussed:

"Inspiration. It motivates us. Directs us. Shapes us and influences us in ways we may not be consciously aware of. "

Her show is here: https://www.cgs.org.uk/exhibitions/which-inspires-us-cathryn-shilling

So, what inspires you as an artist? Motivates or directs your work? Is there an image that represents that?

13 CGS selected glass artists that submitted an image for consideration.

The show was launched on 23rd July 2020