Wear it Well: Wearable Glass Art

As humans, we are the only species which consciously, deliberately alters its appearance. Bodily expression can communicate things which words never can. Far from a frivolous, inconsequential medium of expression, the personalised body lies at the heart of human nature and potential.

We could guess that the most feasible and palpable reason is that modifications of the body provides an precious means of self-expression. We want to stand out and appear unique- to be distinctive and individual - and hair-styling, make-up, jewellery and other adornments, our choice of clothing, etc. offer a clear and simple means of achieving this.

This exhibition delves into the art of the material, in this case within glass, and how this material can be used as a subject that adorns, accentuates and decorates the body in some way.

20 International glass artists have been selected to share their work with us. Many of the pieces are intricately detailed and meticulously brought together. The show is a glittering array of pieces from accessories, experimental pieces such as glass dresses, corsets, headpieces, shoes and jewellery pieces. All are intrinsically design-led and invite the viewer to look in more detail..

The CGS took a decision to not include traditional 'beadmaking' in this show as this technique will be highlighted in another show and we wanted to focus on other techniques and methods of demonstrating the beautification of the human body.

This show was launched on the 29th August 2014.