"Taking Shape: moulds and forming"

"Taking Shape: moulds and forming"- Launched on 23rd January 2014

This latest exhibition explores glass artists whose work depends on forming methods- by exploring 3-dimensional form.

Some artists use moulds in their work as part of their process, or that have developed a way to shape and form glass in a particular way using moulding or tooling. The pieces in this glass exhibition will reflect the intentions that truly explore shape and form through the carefully considered part played in the production of a mould to realise a piece.

Moulds can be made from a variety of materials, from wood, paper to stainless steel, pottery, clay, or plaster and silica. Even found objects can be used such as tree bark, pieces of ceramic etc.

One of the subtle and intruiging aspects of the use of moulds in glassmaking is that the artist will put almost as much, if not more, energy and pasison into crafting the shape through the mould. The starting point is the shape created or carved by them.

This is a juried show as with all CGS shows.

24 artists were selected from a number of entries. Thank you so much to all those that submitted work.