On Stormy Ground -(forces of nature)

With all the recent storms and flooding we have experienced recently, we thought it would be appropriate to find a way to celebrate the unique drama of weather and the elements that we have witnessed this year!

So what better way than to hold an exhibition that is packed full of work influenced by the forces of nature: storms, rain, wind, clouds, the sun, or the elements- water, fire, earth and air.

'On Stormy Ground' explores the various ways in which weather and the seasons have inspired some of our glass artists. From storms on raging seas to coastlines worn by wind and rain, these artists have responded to weather and other natural forces, through a range of techniques and styles.

Some of the works in this exhibition use weather to directly translate a mood or state. Others impart more subtly the preoccupation of human sensibility to natural forces, while some mirror the spiritual significance that weather holds them.

33 members have been selected for this spring exhibition and it certainly reveals the breadth and diversity of work here at the CGS!

Anyone interested in the changing effects of weather should find the diversity of works fascinating.

Thank you so much to all those submitted work and please do apply for our next show which will be advertised soon.

The show was launched on Mar 30th 2014.