Statements and Questions-An exhibition of glass sculpture from mainland Europe

Monumental pieces shot through with light, witty installations, and forms – both ethereal and confrontational – that play with the protean qualities of glass….sculptures beautiful and challenging are the stuff of the Contemporary Glass Society’s first-ever online exhibition devoted to work from mainland Europe.

Guest curator Pilar Aldana-Mendez has selected a stunning range of glass sculptures, choosing work that reflects the possibilities of form, colour, light and space unique to glass.Born in Bogota, Colombia, Aldana-Mendez has lived and worked in Barcelona since 1985, when she started her sculpture studies and was later invited to develop glass projects at the Barcelona Glass Centre.

She creates site-specific and small format sculptures and installations, working with glass, stone and wood, as well as light and sound effects. She has placed more than 40 monumental sculptures in natural areas and outdoor museums in Europe, Africa and America. She also teaches specialised sculpture, speaks at conferences, writes articles for magazines and blogs, and has created videos on sculpture techniques. She organises events in Barcelona as part of the oh!BCN group, has been cultural manager for the Catalan Glass Art Association (ACAV) and is an active member of several international glass and sculpture associations. www.aldana-mendez.net