"The Colour Red-An Explosion"

Glass Artists were invited to submit an image of a piece that exploried the colour red within their work.

47 were selected by our committee, from all the entries submitted.

"COLLABORATE"- A combined online exhibition with NZSAG and CGS.

25 CGS member glass artists share work with us that explores the world of Murrini/Millefiori.

7 glass artists that explore Graal and Ariel Techniques.

In this exhibition we are inviting artists to share the old Swedish glassblowing techniques of ariel and graal.

'Glass Inspired by Great Artists'- AN OPEN SHOW

35 glass artists were selected, CGS members and also non-members.

We loved the idea of this online gallery exhibition: Size!
60 CGS members were selected that demonstrate glass art that is either tiny, or huge!
Size matters with this show!

We were looking for members to submit work that falls within either of the following parameters: