Previous Exhibitions

That Which Inspires Us- An exhibition co-curated with Cathryn Shilling

Inspiration. It motivates us. Directs us. Shapes us and influences us in ways we may not be consciously aware of.

An exhibition of 63 glass artists selected by the CGS

The Politics of Sameness- Bowls  (1st of the lockdown series)

"Reverie - Glass Art Inspired by Self-Portraiture"

Welcome to the CGS Online Exhibition of Kitengela Glass in Kenya.

CGS wanted to explore and share with you, the diverse and colourful world of glass that has been created by the artists at Kitengela Glass in Kenya.

"Only One Word Rhymes with Orange!"

Once in a while, we like to have a gallery exhibition theme that reflects the seasons, or the time of year. Now the autumnal colours are appearing, we will be launching an online glass exhibition that heralds colours or oranges and umbers.

All these wonderful pieces are for sale!

They formed the CGS Celestial Bodies Exhibition that ran alongside the IFOG in Stourbridge recently.

To buy any work or any of the pieces in this gallery, please contact Pam Reekie at

This gallery show highlights some of our member's that work in Mosaic.

It was launched on 12th Aug 2019

"Digital Distance"- Approaches to Digital Technology

The CGS invited member glass artists that utilize new technologies (e.g. within digital fields) within their glass work, to take part in an international online glass gallery exhibition.

The CGS February Open 2019

This wonderfully varied online Contemporary Glass Exhibition culminated after a call for artists to take part in an open show.

"The Colour Red-An Explosion"

Glass Artists were invited to submit an image of a piece that exploried the colour red within their work.

47 were selected by our committee, from all the entries submitted.

"COLLABORATE"- A combined online exhibition with NZSAG and CGS.

"Exploring Light and Clarity"

We invited CGS member glass artists to submit a piece of work that reflects an intuitive use or concern for light, or clarity within the glass. We were looking for work that involves light, captures light and transforms or harnesses light.

25 CGS member glass artists share work with us that explores the world of Murrini/Millefiori.

7 glass artists that explore Graal and Ariel Techniques.

In this exhibition we are inviting artists to share the old Swedish glassblowing techniques of ariel and graal.

'Glass Inspired by Great Artists'- AN OPEN SHOW

35 glass artists were selected, CGS members and also non-members.

We loved the idea of this online gallery exhibition: Size!
60 CGS members were selected that demonstrate glass art that is either tiny, or huge!
Size matters with this show!

We were looking for members to submit work that falls within either of the following parameters:

" Interactive Glass - A first for CGS (to include video and film)"- was launched on 18th of October 2017

'CELEBRATIONS'- Sponsored by Mark Holford
(Online highlights of the CGS Open Exhibition at the International Festival of Glass, 25th August – 9th September 2017)

This online gallery glass exhibition will explore the theme of being 'In Relationship'. We asked glass artists what it meant for them.

"Relationship-The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected."

We asked members if their work was smashed, flattened, crumpled or collapsed?
Or whether their work was a piece of something new by crushing traditional forms or breaking work apart?