The Politics of Sameness- Bowls (1st of the lockdown series)

An exhibition of 63 glass artists selected by the CGS

The Politics of Sameness- Bowls  (1st of the lockdown series)

In a time of uncertainty and fear surrounding Covid-19, the virus, the CGS thought it would be constructive to set up a more frequent series of exhibitions, to engage and occupy our members. For this first exhibition, we set a challenge to our glass artist members, to see how many variations of a round bowl members could imagine!

The humble bowl is a vessel, that is used in so many different ways, and is a simple iconic shape. We know however, that the creativity and artistic imagination that our CGS glass artists will put into their work- the results will be spectacular.

63 glass artists that are CGS members took part in the exhibition. The exhibition, as with all others, was juried.

There will be 1 calendar month between each 'lockdown' show.

This 1st on-line exhibition was launched on 29th April 2020.


Work and quality of images needs to meet our photography criteria. There is guidance HERE for photography for our other online shows.