Only One Word Rhymes with Orange! With featured artists Demetra Theofanous and Dean Benson.

"Only One Word Rhymes with Orange!"

Once in a while, we like to have a gallery exhibition theme that reflects the seasons, or the time of year. Now the autumnal colours are appearing, we will be launching an online glass exhibition that heralds colours or oranges and umbers.

80 selected glass artists show off a piece of work that is stunning, vibrant, muted, or faded, but one in which the colour ORANGE sings!

We also invited 2 very special international glass artists to headline this show, and we are very proud to be able to share their work with you. It is a honour to have them exhibit work in this CGS online exhibition.

Demetra Theofanous is the President of Glass Alliance of Northern California, and along with Dean Bensen they create stunning work that seemlessly fits with this show. You can see more of their work at: www.sculpturebydemetra.com and www.deanbensen.com

To buy any of their work, contact: demetraglass@comcast.net and dcbglass@gmail.com

As with all our shows, this is a juried exhibition. Thank you to all those that submitted work.

This online exhibition was launched on 8 Dec 2019.