Interactive Glass - A first for CGS (to include video and film)

" Interactive Glass - A first for CGS (to include video and film)"- was launched on 18th of October 2017

We wanted to explore glass that really interacts with a viewer, that inspired by the need to be touched, moved, immersed in, or participated with. The results are marvellous. As our shows goes from strength to strength, this online exhibition seeks to push us into a different realm.

These 55 pieces of work, are not just beautiful to look: they require a physical, optical or practical investigation. They prompt questions. They suggest you look and touch. They suggest a use, maybe within a timeline. They have been designed and made with people in mind, a user, an operator or an inquisitive exploration.

Can an audience or viewer interact with the work? Are there moving parts, wheels, tactile areas? Does the artist use film or photography and installations to interact with an audience?

We also invited 3 International Artists: Aaron Ristau, Bernie Huebner and Simone Crestani to share their work in the exhibition with us.

We are honoured to include them and their amazing collections. A big thank you to them for exhibiting their work in this exhibition.

Thank you, Nicola Schellander and the CGS Board

Action Potential from Jenny Walsh on Vimeo.