The Contemporary Glass Society supporting glass in Latin America

The Contemporary Glass Society supporting glass in Latin America.

The Contemporary Glass Society (UK) is delighted to announce an online exhibition of 44 selected glass artists residing in Latin America.

There was no allotted theme for the show except that artists must be living, studying or residing in Latin America.

The show exhibits a particular strength of character, demonstrating a vibrance and diversity that we have maybe not seen before here in our Gallery area. Many of the pieces are strongly symbolic, with echoes of both a lifeforce and cultural identity. Stories are told. Pieces lie glancing at the viewer, challenging them to take part and discover more.

Artists did not need to be a member of the CGS to submit work for this show, but are welcome to join the Society in the future and take part in all our shows.

The CGS is a charity, registered in the UK. The organisation is funded entirely through members and from donations made by individuals and organisations. We represent glass at an international level and give glass a voice in the media along with forging links between all those involved with glass in an artistic, technological, manufacturing or support capacity.

A huge thank you to our friends and associated across the water and in particular to Dina Priess for her help in sharing our details with artists in Latin America.

This exhibition was launched Mar/Apr 2017